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Avanté P.

I recommend The RT Tutor because I feel confident and prepared to take the exam. I struggle with studying on my own. She makes it fun and interesting. Breakdowns of the material really help it stick in my head.

Mary-Catherine M.

Taylor was able to develop a curriculum to suit my unique learning needs which has given me the confidence to look forward to taking these exams! Taylor maximizes the use of our tutoring time and will send work ahead of our session to ensure that our time is well spent. I highly recommend the RT Tutor! Extremely Knowledgeable and Professionally Competent Tutors, Reasonable Prices!

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Kevin T. 

I’d absolutely recommend this to anyone taking the NCTRC [exam].


Arethya D.

Taylor was very helpful. She did everything she could to prepare me for my upcoming exam. I feel so much more confident going into my exam because of her excellent tutoring services.

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Ashley-Nicole N.

I would definitely recommend The RT Tutor!! She definitely knows her stuff and knows how to help you know it too! She makes everything relatable and is open to listen to little tricks at how you as the client remembers certain information.

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